Hierarchy of Hell


Hell has a power structure generally based on titles assigned to demons that are old and powerful enough to claim them.

  • King of Hell
    While most forms of demon classification name multiple kings, the SPN-verse has only one ‘king of hell’ who is in charge of all other demons. It is the highest rank possible. Along with the standard abilities demons possess, the king of hell can freely trade or claim souls destined for hell, void or take possession of contracts made by crossroads demons, and rearrange hell to look like whatever they wish.
  • White Eyed Demons
    The oldest and presumably strongest of demons. Lilith, the first demon ever made, possesses white eyes so it can be assumed that the others are close to her in age and status. They likely have the authority to make ‘deals’. They’re also more powerful than low-level angels, as evidenced when Castiel was unable to smite Alistair, who some believe to have been the second demon to be created.
  • Knight of Hell
    This is not a title that can be attained in the conventional sense. Unlike the other ranks, the knights of hell were chosen by Lucifer from among the first humans to become demons, therefore they are (were) among the oldest, and have unique powers and resistances. While their eyes may be black (which we can assume from Abaddon), they are not to be classified with the regular black eyed demons.
  • Yellow Eyed Demons
    Only one has been shown to date. He had the ability to make deals, was very powerful and likely one of Lucifer’s direct underlings. Azazel also proved to be very difficult to kill.
  • Crossroads demons
    These red-eyed demons are generally the same in power level and rank as the ‘average’ black eyed demon, they simply have the ability to make deals with humans for their souls. Their direct superior is the highest ranked crossroads demon, holding the title ‘king of the crossroads’. Not only can the crossroads king make deals, but he can also void or take possession of contracts that other crossroads demons have made. Only the king of hell can overrule the king of the crossroads.
  • Black Eyed demons
    The lowest rung of the ladder. Demons of this type make up the vast majority of their number, though their power may vary. The weakest of the black eyed demons are basically cannon fodder, express little individuality and have an extra weakness in that they cannot enter holy ground, while those who are more powerful can walk on it freely. Stronger black eyed demons can teleport, cause harm to or kill people without touching them, and many of them also have knowledge of witchcraft.

Other titles and ranks

  • Grand Torturer
    Held by Alistair, it is unknown if anyone replaced him.

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The History of the OwlmanThis is a featured page

Mawnan is a village in southern Cornwall, UK. During the 1976 Easter weekend, two young women, saw a ‘huge great thing with feathers, like a big man with flapping wings’, hovering over the church tower at Mawnan. The woman were so frightened that their family holiday was cut short by three days.

In another sighting, two people saw it standing in a large tree, near the Mawnan church. At first the witnesses thought someone was playing a trick on them by being dressed in a costume. But as they observed the creature, it flew up into the air, and away from the area. After it flew away, there was a crackling or static noise heard in the trees for some time.

In a 1996 sighting a woman reported seeing a strange glob of glowing light floating over the church. She watched as the light faded away, only to be replaced by another one a short distance away. The color of the lights was orange-red.

In 2003 two teenage girls were out after midnight driving in a vehicle, when they wanted to listen to some music. They wanted to have the music playing loudly, so not wanting to disturb local neighbors, they drove to the Mawnan church which is isolated and empty at night. After they were at the church for a few minutes the girls observed a glowing or pulsating blog of colored light hovering over the church, after awhile it vanished and the girls returned home.

In September of 2009 a 12 year old girl named Jessica Wilkins or Jessica Wilkinson encountered the Owlman of Mawnan. This is the first sighting that I have heard of in several years and only the second this century.

The creature has been described as a monstrous thing resembling a mix of 3 beings; an owl, a bear, and a man. The creatures height is estimated as 7 feet tall. It has large flapping wings that are covered with grayish-brown feathers. The legs and body are also covered with feathers.

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A deer hunter in the U. S. posted a video said to feature the creature on the Wildgame Innovations website - and the piercing white eyes aren’t the sort you would want to meet on a dark night.

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Werewolf Sightings 

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